db Translation Services



If you want to go global, the most effective way then is to follow on the footsteps of world leaders. Since founded and throughout the years, db Group has successfully managed to rank the top of leading language services providers not only in Egypt but also across the Middle East and GCC.

How could we managed to reach so far? Helping a distinguished number of world-leading brands and top ranking companies in boosting their global market share, implementing an expedient production strategy and ensuring customers’ effective engagement into local markets, all such combined enabled us to translate our vision into the success achieved so far.

Our dedicated solutions cover all domains and areas of functionality to provide you with the best customer engagement and support services that will maximize your revenues. Building on our unique combination of geography, technology, language and cultural expertise, db Group can speak your mind and help you reach out to new customers from anywhere around the world.





  • I have being in headache searching for good translation of my thesis and finally some colleague recommend db Group for me. They provide top-notch quality which made my thesis readable and understandable by both specialist and ordinary people. They know well how to translate your ideas and reflect tour message.–AHMED YAMANY – TRAINING SECTION HEAD – B.TECH ACADEMY

  • Throughout my career in the Ministry of Environment, I continuously felt that db Translation team is part of our team, paying the same attention to the details and always ensuring that the jobs given are delivered on time with the same consistent quality standard.–DR. MARIAM AL SHENASI – DEPUTY MINISTER OF ENVIRONMENT

  • Dealing with db Group in a number of content-related projects, I am impressed with the way they presented themselves and the well-meditated business approach they showed. The business cycle they adapt is professional and help deliver jobs on a timely manner with an impressive level of quality.–RAED ABDULLAH – PR MANAGER – AL BATHA GROUP

  • db Group has been supporting us with content design and development for quite a number of our projects/products and they used to be an example of commitment and creative professional provider who adds real value to our business, being punctual, detail- oriented and strategic visionary partner.–TALAL AL MASHJARI – GENERAL MANAGER – AL MASHJARI TRADING L.L.C.