Nowadays, language has become a highly important factor for all types of businesses that seek for increasing their market share locally and globally. Thus, if you have a business and you need to convey its message throughout the world, we can break the ice for you.

At db Group, we provide specialized translation of financial statements and banking transactions. This field requires intensive accuracy and concentration to deliver clear translation which contains accurate figures and statistics. In db Group we hire the best translators of 5 years experience at least in the field of financial statements and banking transactions. To ensure success of your business, db Group is keen on delivering translation in a timely manner. If you are looking for the best financial and economic texts at the highest level, db Group is the best solution, so let our experienced team help you achieve your goals in this rapidly growing environment of work.
We Translate:

– Annual Reports;

– Articles of Association

– Balance Sheet and Financial Statements

– Feasibility Study & Statistics

– Annual Accounts and Reports

– Pension Plans