A lot of organizations invested so much time to make their marketing documents look the best. If they want to translate such document, they only add some simple texts to the same format. But this is not effective in terms of marketing.

db Group can not only translate the most complex languages, but also can format a document in order to reflect your brand and expectations of the market, either locally or internationally.

db Group has specialists in such matter who can produce a customer-friendly document with the highest quality at the lowest prices. Also we can expand or reduce the text upon your request while ensuring images and symbols are suitable with each culture of each region.

Furthermore, we can garnish you document with the following services:

  • Maintaining the Brand Identity: Duplicating the original copy to be exact with the translated one, while ensuring the appropriateness of the content, color and image with the in-market culture.

Marketing Language: We can offer you specialists whose works focus only on picking up the most attractive slogans, images and colors that can culturally attract the in-market customers.