Media and Press translation is not a mere translation, it needs fluency in using both the source and target language, it has to be written in a certain style. In addition, a translator of media and press articles must be knowledgeable and familiar with all events going on around the world. As a fact, Media and Press translation is full of political expressions that a translator must be aware of, such, sleeper cells, lame duck, etc. All such expressions are very important for a media and press translator to know. Furthermore, a translator of media and press must be aware of the style of writing press news and the style of writing an editorial for there is a big difference in writing both of them.

At db Group, we train our media and press translator on how to draft a news or editorial in a journalistic style in order to make the reader feel that he reads the source language. db Group translates for many news agencies and websites because such institutions trust us in handling their jobs. So if you own a newspaper, a magazine or news website, you can depend on us, we can translate your message to the whole world into whatever language you want. As for costing, we offer you the most cost-effective prices.