For the global enterprises and businesses working on the continuous innovation environment filled with competitiveness, there is often a tremendous burden on their technical publications department. With our deep expertise across various arts and letters, db Group Technical Writing & Publication team will help you keep a foot on the door of global presence.

No doubt technical writing is one of the most difficult approaches that require deep experience and through practice in the subject area of writing, which is exactly the core proficiency of db Group.

At db Group, we always keep an eye on the proverb “Horses for courses”; thus we hire the skilled professionals in certain area of expertise in order to ensure the best quality and style adherence in authoring and writing for specific purposes. When we’re asked for a medical writing, for example, we entrust such task to a specialist with respective degree in medicine having language competency and writing skills.

When it comes to Specialized Publications for specific purposes, db Group excels in Desktop Publishing (DTP) with a hand-picked team of calibers who are specialized in delivering the high-quality, fast and cost-effective publications for whatever audience you target and wherever location you need in a culturally appropriate content that distinguish db Group from other content service providers